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Hi everyone,

I have been treating OCD for more than 15 years.  Working with so many brave OCD sufferers over the years has been a true gift.  Sometimes, I think I learn more than I can possibly teach.  With the understanding we now have of OCD and its treatment with cognitive behavior therapy, I have seen many lives completely transformed.

Yet, despite the efforts of clinical and research professionals specializing in OCD, there are still so many people suffering needlessly.  Armed with the right information about treatment and the resources available, everyone can be helped.

This blog is intended to provide a resource for such information.  With weekly posts and/or videos, I hope to provide a place where OCD sufferers can access valuable information while learning from and inspiring each other.

I am grateful to all the brave individuals who have been willing to share their stories and I am also grateful to you for reading and participating in this blog.

Together we can help as many people as possible live OCD Free.